Friday, September 30, 2011

Immune System Air Purifier

If you are searching for an air purifier to help support or stabilize a weakened immune system, you are aware of how important breathing clean air is to staying healthy.

There are so many pollutants in the air both inside and out. And you are probably never more aware of it than when your immune system isn't working the way it should.

Even though you can’t do a lot about the air outside, having the right air purifier constantly working to filter indoor air can drastically improve your health.

Seasonal irritants such as pollen and mold spores come and go. But indoor irritants such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, gases, odors, chemicals, bacteria and viruses are almost always present indoors. Combine these constants with the seasonal problems and it can be too much for a weakened immune system to handle.

An effective cleaner needs to be able to handle both particles and gases and needs filters that are designed to eliminate each type of pollutant well. Activated carbon zeolite is well known for its ability to remove gaseous pollutants, and HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filters are best at eliminating airborne particles.

Combine these 2 types of filters in a cleaner and you’ll have the ability to remove all types of pollutants that can potentially sabotage your health. offers an air purifier with HEPA and carbon filters as well as 2 pre-filters to prolong the life of the HEPA. See the purifier that has helped so many stay well despite immune system troubles at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Eliminating Unpleasant Pet Odors

Have you ever walked into a home where the first whiff smelled like an animal or even worse, pet urine?

Have you ever walked into your own home and had the same thoughts?

Pet odor can range from unpleasant to urine odor that is offensive. No one should have to live with these odors day in and day out.

The best type of filter to remove odors is a carbon-based filter. These types of filters are well known for their ability to absorb gaseous pollutants such as odors.

Ammonia is the most offensive element in urine, and even carbon needs help removing it. That’s why any effective air cleaner for this type of odor must have an additive that is specifically designed to remove ammonia.

In the air purifier offered by, ammonasorb has been used effectively to enhance the ability of carbon to take out this eye-stinging pollutant in both private and commercial setting that want to keep eliminate urine smell.

So whether you are a pet owner with one or several pets or a kennel with lots of animals we have a purifier that continues to offer an effective solution.

Not only does this air cleaner have a filter for odor, but 3 additional filters for particles for particles that range in size from very visible hair, fur, and dust to the invisible particles such as dander, bacteria and viruses.

Don’t suffer another miserable moment breathing in air that smells bad. See the air purifier for pet odor from now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Managing Hay Fever Symptoms

Hay fever is not caused by hay nor is accompanied by a fever. This term was coined at a time when there was less knowledge about this condition which usually occurred during fall harvesting of hay.

Today, due to extensive research and studies, we know that this condition can happen anytime during the year and symptoms include irritation and swelling of nasal and sinus tissues making it hard to breathe.

Watering eyes, runny nose, and coughing from post nasal drip all combine to make this a miserable condition at best.

In the fall this condition is most often triggered by airborne weed pollen from ragweed, curly dock, lambs quarters, pigweed, plantain, sheep sorrel and sagebrush. The pollen is light weight and there is more in the air on dry windy days.

There is nothing you can do about what’s in the air outside, but you can drastically reduce hay fever symptoms while indoors by eliminating the pollen from the air in your home and office. Removing triggers from the air means avoiding the allergen, and that is still one the best, most non-invasive ways to mange allergies.

A HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter is literally just what the doctor ordered. Used in hospitals to insure clean air, this type of filter is almost always a part of an allergy management program that doctors' recommend.

This type of filter is able to remove 99.97% of particles that are as small as .3 microns in size. Pollen is quite a bit larger that .3 micron, so it and other more normal household triggers such as dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pet dander, bacteria and viruses are also easily removed.

Don’t let the fall season make you miserable again this year. See the Hay Fever Air Purifier from that has 4 particle filters (including the HEPA), and let it clear your air continuously. See it for yourself now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Filtering Fall Allergens

Fall brings change of weather, leaf color, and lots weed pollen in the air. This can translate into stuffy nose, nasal drip that causes a nagging cough, and nasal congestion that seems ever-present.

You can’t do anything about the outside air, but you can drastically reduce the amount of pollen that is present in your indoor air.

Pollen is light enough to ride in on air currents through windows and doors, attach to clothing, hair and packages. And once indoors it can remain airborne to cause allergies to flare when inhaled.

One of the best ways to control allergies while indoors is to eliminate triggers from the air. If you have allergies generally flare ups are do to exposure to a number of allergens.

In addition to seasonal pollen, there are also chronic indoor allergens lurking in the air that work in concert with Ragweed and other weed pollens.

Indoor allergens that are always present include household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pet dander (even if you don’t have pets), bacteria and viruses. Filtering all of these allergy triggers from the air can give you huge advantage towards having fewer flare ups.

Because pollen and many of the other indoor allergens are particles, the best type of purifier is one that is effective at eliminating particulates. offers an air purifier that has 4 filters specifically designed to trap particles.

See the Allergy Machine Air Purifier from now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bird Dust Air Filter

If you have pet birds you surely have dust. And depending on the type of bird you have, you may have more than your share. All birds create dust from movement in and out of the cage.

Dust from seeds, feathers, preening, and flying can all combine to increase the number of particles in the air.

If you have a powder down bird such as an African Grey, Cockatoo, or Cockatiel you also have to contend with the white, powdery wing dust that these birds generate. It can create an eye sore as well as a health hazard for you and your bird.

Clearing away bird dust without the proper tools can send more dust into the air. Having your bird breathe air that has unusually high numbers of particles can cause their airways to become clogged. This is often the start of disease and infection that is hard to detect and even harder to reverse.

Bird dust is also a powerful allergen for those who suffer with asthma and allergies, and can cause annoying symptoms and more frequent flare-ups which sometimes make it impossible to continue to enjoy your bird.

But before you throw up your hands in frustration, there is a safe, non-invasive, and effective way to drastically eliminate bird-related and normal household particles from your air. In order for a solution to be effective, it has to be continuous. offers an air purifier with 4 filters for removing particles. The size of these filters is varied allowing them to remove not only the big particles that you can see but microscopic ones as small as .3 microns. And it's designed to run continually 24 hours a day every day.

The Bird Dust Air Purifier uses large and medium particle filters, carbon cloth, and a HEPA (high efficiency particle arresting) filter to remove not only dust created by your birds, but more normal pollutants such as household dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, bacteria and viruses.

See this air purifier that can eliminate bird dust from your air for good at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Beautician’s Best Friend

If you are a stylist in a beauty salon, you spend most of your days taking care of the needs of your customers. But who takes care of you?

If you are a progressive salon, you probably offer cutting edge services and techniques to your clients.

Unfortunately, many of the products used in the beauty industry do fabulous things to hair, nails, and skin, but they can pollute the air quality and diminish it to a level that is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

When I say this, the picture of the lady sitting in the stylist’s chair with a gas mask on comes to mind.

Clients are only exposed to these chemicals for short periods of time weekly, monthly, or sometimes only several times in a year. You as stylist are exposed to these chemical fumes all day every day, and they can take their toll on good health.

You may be aware of acute symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, watering or burning eyes, dry and/or sore throat. But you may be less aware of more chronic symptoms---lack of energy, nagging cough, edginess, and sometimes just not wanted to go into the shop because of how it makes you feel.

The best friend any beautician can have is an air purifier designed to remove the chemical fumes that escape into the air. It needs to be a cleaner that can run constantly to keep the level of airborne chemicals low and the air quality high. offers a cleaner that can send 250 cubic feet of fresh, sparkling clean air into your salon every 60 seconds all day every day. It never needs to be turned off. This kind of constant filtration means that you can always be assured of walking into a salon that smells fresh and clean. And don’t think your customers won’t appreciate it as well.

See the air cleaner that will take care of you and become your new best friend now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Your Cockatoo’s Air Purifier

If you own a Cockatoo Parrot, you have a stunningly beautiful bird—one of nature’s most amazing creations. You also have a ton of white powder because they are known as powder down birds.

This dust is what helps keep the feathers healthy and beautiful, and yet it can make life pretty tedious for their owners.

First the dust is relentless. And if you’re not careful, not only does it cover all the surfaces in the room, but it makes the air thick.

This is bad for your pet because their air passages are so easily clogged. And restricted airways often allow infection and disease to gain control.

Because birds instinctively hide signs of illness to avoid being attacked in the wild, by the time you’re aware that your Cockatoo is ill; it is often too late to reverse the condition. So eliminating the powder can add years to your companion’s life.

This white powdery dust is not good for humans to inhale on a regular basis either. It is a potent allergen that can often cause allergies and asthma to flare, and can trigger respiratory conditions in those who formerly had none.

Continually removing airborne bird dust as well as other normal household particles will greatly improve the health of your bird and you. offers the Bird Dust Air Purifier for your Cockatoo. See it now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dorm Room Air Purifier

With the school year well under way, you and your coed have a better idea of what air quality in the is really going to be like this year.

An air purifier will help the situation; so better to solve the problem now rather than after it becomes a really big problem.

Dorm room air can be subject to dust from inside and out, seasonal pollens, pet dander on clothes of room mates or even on the walls leftover from last year’s residents.

Odors and smells from other rooms can be a problem as well as paint fumes, adhesives used for tiles and bathroom fixtures.

Without a purifier to constantly filter particles, odors, and gases, you or your student are constantly susceptible to anything that blows in. And that’s no way to live.

Even if you are perfectly healthy, breathing airborne pollutants constantly is not good, and if you have allergies, asthma or another respiratory condition, these pollutants can trigger reactions that range from irritating to life threatening.

The Dorm Room Air Purifier has 4 filters that can remove particles as well as odors, gases, and chemicals. And it is designed to run 24 hours every day whether you are there or not. This means that each time you return to you room, you know that clean, fresh air is waiting.

Get 125 cubic feet of purer air sent into your room every 60 seconds with this heavy-duty yet compact air cleaner. See it now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Monday, September 05, 2011

HEPA Cat Dander Filter

By definition a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter must be able to remove 99.97% of airborne particles that are .3 microns or bigger in size. A micron is defined as one millionth of a meter.

So it is the perfect filter for removing cat dander (microscopic particles of dead skin) that is continually flaking off and making way for newer healthier skin.

And while this is great for your cat, if you are allergic to the protein that makes up the dander, it can really put a damper on how much you can enjoy your cat.

Since cat dander is a little more than 2 microns in size, it can be effectively trapped by this type of filter which can not only trap the flakes from your cat but from any other warm-blooded pets who call your house home.

Continually filtering the air keeps these particulates from penetrating the lungs and causing nodules and other more serious long-term health effects. Reducing the dander will also cut the food source for dust mites which are also another powerful allergen.

Household dust, mold and mildew spores, seasonal pollens are just a few of the other irritants that can be removed by this type of technology. So it removes numerous other allergens effectively. offers the Cat Dander Air Purifier that can help you get more enjoyment out of your cat and your life!

Let it start helping you today. See it now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Mold spores are a natural part of the environment and are found outdoors and are impossible to prevent from coming indoors.

In small numbers they are harmless to people unless you are allergic to them.

And they are harmless to the indoor environment unless they find moisture.

Let’s talk about people first. If you are allergic, inhaling even small amounts of these spores can cause symptoms that range from mild to miserable to debilitating. Sneezing, coughing, congestion, watering eyes, scratchy throat can combine to make you useless.

To make matters worse, when these spores find moisture in the bathroom, under the kitchen sink, and/or in the basement they attach to the moisture source and start to attack the surface wherever the moisture is. They grow and send more spores out to grow and send more spores out.

Needless to say the population can quickly get out of hand. Once mold has started to grow, professional abatement is necessary to get things under control again.

But there is a way to greatly reduce the airborne spores. This cuts down on the amount you breathe and also reduces the number in the air that are able to find moisture. offers an air purifier that has 4 filters for these particles, and can therefore be incredibly effective at removing airborne mold spores.

It is important to understand that the air purifier can do nothing to remove mold once it has started to grow. But it can reduce the number of spores in the air.

And because mold is one of the most potent allergens known, the air purifier from is called the Allergy Machine.

See it now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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