Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Minimizing Your Allergy Symptoms

If you suffer with allergies because of airborne triggers, it can be tough to survive the season that triggers your allergies.

But whether you suffer from tree, grass, or weed pollen in the spring, summer, or fall minimizing your symptoms can not only make you feel better, but can give you a psychological boost as you turn the proverbial lemons into lemonade.

Find out for sure what your triggers are. You can keep a journal and look for patterns that will help you narrow the list of possible suspects. In addition, get professional help by sharing your journal with an allergist.

You can also get concrete proof by getting tested for sensitivity to various irritants. This involves being injected with small amounts of allergens to see what and how severely your body reacts.

Be consistent about avoiding the outdoors at peak times for your allergens. You can keep abreast of how much and what is in your air with the daily pollen count found online at various weather sites, through national weather channels, and in your local daily paper.

You can also make your indoor area a haven by continually removing airborne irritants such as pollen, dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, pet dander as wells as gases, odors, and chemicals.

The Allergy Machine from is one of the best ways to minimize your allergies and can improve your lifestyle in a proactive yet non-invasive way.

See the air purifier designed specifically to help manage allergies at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Heavy Duty Salon Purifier

Nail salons and beauty shops can often be detected from several shops away (especially if the door is open) because of the fumes that evaporate into the air from many of the products they use.

Ammonia from dyes and other volatile organic chemicals from nail polish, glues, nail polish remover, perms, and smells from the latest Brazilian Blowout can cause the air in any salon to smell really bad.

Health wise, none of these volatile organic chemicals are good for you or your clients.

Although your clients are exposed to it for a couple of hours maybe once or twice a month, you and your co-workers are breathing these chemicals every day that you are in the salon.

A chemical air purifier to remove these harmful vapors is just as important as having chairs and lights in your salon. If a cleaner is to be effective in your salon, it needs to be specifically designed to remove airborne chemicals known as VOCs or volatile organic chemicals.

The carbon and potassium iodide filter make the heavy duty salon air purifier from best at removing these fumes. And the 3 other filters in the canister target airborne particles as well.

Having supplied this air cleaner to nail and beauty salons throughout the United States and Canada, we are confident that you will join the thousands of other salon owners in the beauty industry who are now using our cleaner.

See the Beauty Salon Air Purifier now at

Take good care,

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Avoiding Paint Fumes

If your body reacts badly to paint fumes, it can be misery to have to breathe the air in an office, apartment, or home while waiting for the fumes to go away.

For those of us who are sensitive to these airborne chemicals, 5 minutes is enough to develop a headache, dry throat, and a general feeling of unease. Here are 3 ways to minimize your exposure to these fumes.

1. Use low VOC (volatile organic chemical) paint. Yes, it costs slightly more, but the fact that it can be used with very little smell involved makes it worth the extra cost.

2. Ventilate the room as it is being painted. Weather permitting, open the window and put a box fan in. Turn it so that it is blowing air out the window as it takes the air out of the room being painted. This is a cheap, no-frills way to exhaust any fumes and will also help the paint to dry faster.

Use a chemical air purifier to eliminate the fumes. If you’ve not been the decision maker about the paint, and regular latex paint or even oil paint has been used, you will need to use a chemical air purifier to eliminate the fumes.

Some people can’t smell the fumes, particularly after several hours. But if you are sensitive to them, you will probably be able to smell them for days.

Using an air purifier that is specifically designed to remove paint fumes and other chemical fumes can boost your air quality and your quality of life.

See the portable, light-weight but heavy duty chemical air purifier from now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Austin Air Replacement Filters---Top 3 Questions Answered

Austin Air replacements lasts so long that it’s easy to misplace the information about the filters by the time you’re ready for a new filter. Here are answers to the 3 most frequent questions that we are often asked here at

1. How can I tell if the filter needs replacing?

Your nose knows when the filter is at the end of its life. A carbon filter that is full will put out a sweet odor. And even if it doesn’t, anytime the air smells anything but fresh, and clean when your purifier is running is an indication that your filter is full.

2. Can I replace the filter with a different filter than the original one?

If your purifier is a standard size and was made after 1995, then your case is big enough to hold any of the newer replacement filters including the Pet Machine and the Bedroom Machine filters.

The same is true for junior size purifiers. If it was made after 1995, you can replace your filter with any junior size filter.

However, if your filter was made before 1995 (and there are plenty of them out there that still work), the case is only big enough for the HEGA or Allergy Machine replacement filter.

3. What difference does the light or dark-colored filter make?

This color choice is totally aesthetic. For purifiers that are white or sandstone, a light-colored pre-filter makes the unit look more cohesive through the tiny holes on the bottom two thirds of the unit. And if your purifier is Black or Silver, the dark-colored pre-filter looks better. They both work the same way.

See the complete line of Austin Air Replacement Filters from now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Portable Salon Air Purifiers

If you own and/or make your living by working in a beauty or nail salon, you know first hand how easily saturated the air can become with VOCs or volatile organic chemicals.

These are the fumes that can make the air smell awful in your salon, and even worse, make you feel bad.

Because so many salon products release fumes, your salon can make a horrible first impression each time clients open the door.

Vapors from hair dyes, nail polish and remover, perms, Brazillian Blowout smells and numerous other services can really make a stink.

Being able to constantly remove these smelly and often harmful vapors from the air gives you peace of mind about your health and all who patronize your business. A portable air cleaner that filters the air in your salon means that you can count on healthy air being as close as the nearest outlet.

Carbon filters are well known for their ability to filter gaseous pollutants, and with the potassium iodide additive that is added to the portable purifier that offers, you can be assured of effective removal of airborne chemicals.

See the portable salon air purifier that thousands in the beauty salon industry are currently using at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Air Purifiers and Birds

One of the most important things you can give to your bird is clean air. And clean means taking out the invisible particles of dander that are constantly being shed to make way for new, healthier skin.

It also means reducing the amount of airborne feather dust, and even normal household pollutants that are found in the cleanest of homes.

Because birds air passages are so small, they can easily become clogged. Without clean air, the dander, dust and feathers that they produce simply get recycled and the air literally becomes thick with particles.

These particles also carry bacteria and viruses that can be inhaled by both you and your bird, and they can cause illnesses that are bad news for all who live there. Because the particles that your feathered friend produces are constant, taking them out of the air needs to be a constant process as well.

Professional aviaries continue to use the air purifier that we offer here at—the Bird Dust Air Purifier. Used by the Joshua Rescue Foundation and the Aviary at Theater of the Sea in Islamorada, Florida, it can work for you too.

Made of steel with a powder coat finish, it’s only by product is fresh air. Designed to run 24 hours a day safely whether you are there or not, it will continually reduce the number of pollutants and increase the quality of life you are able to provide for your bird.

See the Bird Dust Air Purifier now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eliminating Golden Retriever Dander

If you have a Golden as part of your family, you have one of the smartest, most beautiful dogs known to man.

If you’re thinking there’s a degree of partiality here, you’re right. I’ve loved 3 Goldens and they are wonderful loyal, gentle, and loving dogs!

Because their coats are so glorious, there is often a lot of hair and dander in the air. One good body shake can send thousands of particles into your air that often stay suspended for hours. Those that settle to the floor are often sent airborne again when the air from the heating or cooling vents stirs things up again.

Frequent grooming and maintaining healthy skin with proper diet and supplements can help, but there are still likely to be more dog-related particles in the air than you’d like.

One of the most efficient and least time consuming ways to greatly reduce the amount of dander (and hair) in your air is to continuously filter it with a purifier that specifically targets particles. The best type of filtration for particulates is known as HEPA technology.

High efficiency particle arresting (most commonly abbreviated as HEPA) is able to remove particles as small as .3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. This means that for every 10,000 airborne particulates, it must be able to remove 99,997 of them. offers the Pet Dander Air Purifier that can do just that. See it now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sleep and HEPA Purifiers

How clean the air is in your bedroom is directly related to how well you sleep each night. By the time you’re ready for bed your body has usually had a full day physically and emotionally.

If you are at all sensitive to airborne allergens, and they are present in your bedroom, there will literally be no rest for the weary.

Bedrooms are notorious for containing airborne dust mites (one of the most potent irritants known) as well as dust, mold and mildew spores, seasonal pollen, and pet dander (in many cases even if you don’t have a pet).

Allowing your body the time to regenerate will depend on how well you remove these particles from the air. A high efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) will efficiently and continually remove airborne particles that are .3 microns or bigger.

HEPA filtration is a non-invasive yet effective way to minimize your exposure to triggers that may be preventing you from sleeping.

The National Sleep Foundation has endorsed the purifier that we offer because it has proven to be incredibly effective. See it now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Improving Infants’ Sleep

How well an infant sleeps is directly related to the quality of air that they breathe. Fumes from a newly painted nursery, wall to wall carpet, and even nursery furniture can combine to make sleeping difficult.

Add to that the normal dust mites in the mattress, sensitivity to laundry product fragrances and you can be setting your baby up for many nights of interrupted sleep. Newborns to 2 month olds need 12 to 18 hours of sleep to grow and develop. The proper amount of sleep is just as important as food and water.

Using an air cleaner in your baby’s room is a cost effective and non-invasive way to eliminate airborne particles and gaseous pollutants that can prevent your infant from resting well. offers an air purifier specifically designed to remove harmful particles and gases from the air 24 hours a day. See it now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Filtering Your Bedroom Air

Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom should be an inner sanctum where you can relax, sleep, and awaken feeling rejuvenated.

Creating such an atmosphere can only be improved by clearing the air of irritants that your body may perceive as a threat.

Even though harmless, if you have allergies to dust mites, dust, mold and mildew spores, pet dander and other airborne allergens, relaxing in your bedroom may never be a possibility because your body is trying to rid itself of these particles by sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, congestion, and other disrupting symptoms.

In order to rid the air of these irritants, you will need an air cleaner with filters that are specifically designed to eliminate various sizes of particles. Large and medium pre-filters will trap those particles that you can see.

A high efficiency particle arresting (or HEPA) filter will trap those that are .3 microns or greater. Carbon cloth with trap additional particles, and its carbon make-up will also make it effective against gases, odors, and chemical fumes. A filter of activated carbon will eliminate a wide range of gases, chemicals, and odors. offers an air purifier that contains all 5 of these filters, and as such is endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation. See the air purifier that can help you get a good night's sleep tonight and every night at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Insomnia Relief from

This week, March 7th through 13th is National Sleep Awareness Week. Sleep has been proven to be one of the best offensives for warding off disease and infection.

And sufficient rest is directly related to emotional well being and how well you are able to deal with the joys and challenges life often presents.

Sometimes not being able to sleep is directly related to what’s in the air around you. If you are even mildly sensitive to dust, dust mites, pet dander, seasonal pollens and chemical-based fragrances from household and personal products, your body will find it difficult if not impossible to rest because of the perceived threat these allergens create.

One of the best ways to insure a good night’s sleep each night is to control what’s in the air you’re breathing. Filtering the air as thoroughly as possible is a low maintenance, cost effective, yet non-invasive way to clear the air. offers the air purifier that is endorsed by The National Sleep Foundation because it has proven to be incredibly effective.

The 5-stage filtration process in this purifier includes large and medium particle pre-filters, a medical grade HEPA (or high efficiency particle arresting) filter, a 15-pound filter of activated carbon, and high efficiency gas adsorption (HEGA) technology in the form of carbon cloth.

See the air purifier that can help provide a good night’s sleep every night at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Airborne Pet Hair

If you have a warm blooded pet or two, chances are you have pet hair in your air.

It can be unsightly and a source of embarrassment when it floats down from the ceiling in the middle of dinner with guests.

Pets with hair shed to varying degrees and very little will change that. Yes, you can set up a bathing schedule, and groom it regularly, but there will still be hair in the air.

The only reliable way to keep up with the hair that is constantly being shed is to take it out of the air with 24 hour filtration. And a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter is the most efficient technology for the job.

Be definition this type of filter must be able to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 particles from the air with 97% efficiency. And fortunately this includes more than pet hair.

This filter is also able to remove more normal household pollutants such as dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores as well as dander from any warm blooded pets. These particles are also well known allergy triggers which make filtering the air doubly effective. offers the Pet Dander Air Purifier that can remove all of these airborne particles all day every day.

Get pet hair and other particulates out of your air for good with help from the HEPA air purifier at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hazards Of Cigar Smoke

Many people believe that smoking a cigar is less hazardous than smoking a cigarette. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Cigars are bigger than cigarettes and take more time to smoke. This means longer exposure to the chemicals that result from smoking for both the smoker and those who are subject to the second hand smoke.

The chemicals released include ammonia, cadmium, carbon monoxide, and hydro-carbons.

Cigars also contain more tar than the average cigarette. And there are more nitrosamines used when fermenting cigars.

They are also addicting through absorption of nicotine when inhaling the smoke and/or through absorption through the soft tissues in the mouth.

There is no shortcut to health other than to stop smoking. But often the person who is the smoker is unwilling to or cannot stop. The only hope for others who are forced to live with a smoker is to continually filter as many of the chemicals from the air as possible. offers a chemical air purifier that can work 24 hours a day to make that happen. See it now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Best Bird Air Filters

Living with a bird can add wonderful new dimensions to your life. It can also add thousands of fine particles to your air that are a health hazard for you and your bird.

The best way to keep the air healthy for all of you is to filter it. But effective filtration relies heavily on choosing an air cleaner with right type of filters.

A high efficiency particle arresting filter (or HEPA) by definition must be able to eliminate particles that are .3 microns or greater with 97% efficiency.

This type of technology should be included if particles such as bird dander, dust, and feathers are to be removed.

A carbon cloth filter should also be included in the cleaner to give an added level of efficiency to the removal of particulates. As a cloth made of carbon, its carbon base allow it to adsorb gases, odors, and chemicals while its mesh-like physical characteristic enables it to trap additional airborne particles.

The Bird Dust Air Purifier from has proven to be effective at the Joshua Rescue Foundation for Birds as well as at the aviary at Theater of the Sea in Islamorada, Florida.

If it continues to work effectively in these commercial settings, it will surely be effective for you. See it now at

Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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