Thursday, February 28, 2013

Powder-down Bird Dust

Powder-down birds generate an enormous amount of white powder that is a natural part of their growth and development.  If you have a bird like this you become aware of it pretty quickly. 

But just in case you’re wondering, the African Grey, Cockatiel, and Cockatoo are the main players in this category.
They are all beautiful, intelligent, and long-lived birds.  The powder will continue to be produced for as long as you have your bird.  And there is no way to completely eliminate all of it.
If steps are not taken to constantly take the powder out of the air, both you and your bird are breathing air that is thick with particulates and other irritants.  Since avian air passages are so tiny, it doesn’t take long for the thick air to begin to clog their air passages.
For birds, clogged airways are often the start of disease and infection since airborne viruses and bacteria often attach to airborne particles.  Because birds’ instincts cause them to hide illness, as owner you are often the last know that your pet is sick until it’s way too late.
For humans this dust can exacerbate existing respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma and can often cause the onset of problems that were not there before.
The Bird Dust Air Purifier from can clear the air for you and your bird.  See it now at
Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-29989

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Loving Powder Down Parrots

If you are looking for a parrot to love, the sky is the limit in terms of color, personality, and size.  You will need to determine how much you want to have to clean up once you decide on the right bird. 
If you decide on the Cockatoo, Cockatiel, or African Grey, they are all stunning choices.  They are intelligent, beautiful, and often live as long as 30, 50, or 70 years.
What you should know is that they produce a white powder that often covers everything in sight like a blanket of snow.  This wing dust is an essential part of their growth and development, but is bad news for air quality.
Because birds have such tiny air passages, it does not take long for their airways to become block particularly if they are forced to breathe air that is laden with particles.
This situation is no better for humans.  It can exacerbate existing respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma.  And it can cause the onset of respiratory issues where none existed.
The most reliable way to clear the air is to filter it with filters that are designed to eliminate a variety of particle sizes.
The Bird Dust Air Purifier offers a 4-stage filtration process that can eliminate particles you can see (like the dust) as well as the invisible dander that can also trigger flare-ups.
So, go ahead and fall in love, the Bird Dander Air Purifier will get the dust.  See it now at
Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Managing Pet Dander

On this Valentine’s Day it seems only fitting to talk about the big love that pets offer. Their shining eyes, wagging tails, flapping wings, squeals of delight upon seeing us takes coming home to a new level.
What is not so wonderful is the dander (small flakes of dead skin) that is continually shed from warm-blooded pets.  Dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, bunnies and other furry friends all shed the older skin as it is replaced by newer healthier skin that is more able to defend the body against disease and infection.
Dander is invisible to the human eye, but if you are allergic to it, you don’t have to see it to know it’s there.  It can cause watering eyes, sneezing, runny nose, congestion and coughing. 
The protein in the dander is one of the most potent allergens known.  And unless you get rid of your pet (unthinkable!) this is an issue that will continue for as long as your friend lives with you.
Keeping pet bedding and toys clean, keeping them out of the bedroom, opting for surfaces and furnishings that can be clean easily and frequently are all effective ways of limiting dander.  And these are probably totally doable things when your pet is young.
But when you have a friend that has been with you through life for 10 years or more, you realize that every moment is a gift and the desire to share every moment becomes stronger.  So it may become harder and or even no longer desirable to restrict the places your pooch can go.
So, if you are to that point, or even if you’re not and air purifier that can continually remove the dander from the air is a solution that will help you be able to enjoy your pet everywhere you go in your home and still reduce the amount of dander. offers the Pet Dander Air Purifier for those who have fallen totally in love with their animals.  I am one of those.  My Golden Retriever is 11 and has been with me through thick and thin.
Let the Pet Dander Air Purifier send 250 cubic feet of fresh, clean air into your home every 60 seconds so that you can enjoy every minute with your pet.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Cat Allergy Air Purifier

One of the best parts of having a cat is to be able hug, and cuddle and rub your face against their luxurious fur.  And if you love a cat, that probably happens a lot.

However, if you have developed allergies and you think your cat is playing a part in your symptoms, there is more than likely a lot of dander in your air.

Many think that dander is visible, but it is not.  Dander is microscopic in size and to remove it from the air requires a specialized filter called a HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter.

This type of filter is designed to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 airborne particles that are .3 microns or larger, with a micron being defined as one millionth of a meter.

The dander (dead flakes of skin) from your cat will continue to be shed for as long as you have your cat.  And what often happens is that the dander sticks to the hair which you can see in the air.

So using a cleaning that also has filters that can remove the visible particles will remove the dander that stuck to it too.  In short you need a series of filters that can remove a wide range of particles.

The Cat Dander Air Purifier provides 4 filters for particles of various sizes.  There are 2 pre-filters—a large and medium particle, a HEPA, and carbon cloth that offer elimination of additional particles and gaseous pollutants as well.

See the air purifier that can help you manage allergies to your cat and other more normal indoor pollutants now at
Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Best Pet Air Filters

If you’re looking for an air filter for a pet, chances are you have a warm-blooded love living in your home. 

That would include dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, bunnies or some combination thereof.
Warm-blooded pets give off particles and odor.  Particles take to the air in the form of visible particulates such as hair and fur, and the invisible and more potent allergen—dander.
Any filter that has a chance of being effective needs a range of filters (rather than just one) each of which should be able to target and eliminate a certain size particulate.
Large and medium particle pre-filters should be available to target the visible, and the HEPA or high efficiency particle arresting filter should eliminate particles as small as .3 microns.
A filter for odor means carbon.  And the best pet air cleaner will have an additive that enhances the carbon’s ability to remove the ammonia that off-gasses from pet urine.
Even if you don’t have urine issues now, having this filter as a precaution is like money in the bank. offers an air cleaner with all of these filters, and the ability to send 250 cubic feet of clean air into your home every 60 seconds 24 hours a day every day.
Take good care,
Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989   

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