Monday, August 05, 2013

Nail Salon Air Quality

The air quality in a nail salon is often clogged with fumes from volatile organic chemicals that evaporate easily into room temperature air.  They can include fumes from perms, color, as well as smoke from pressing irons and curlers.

Other products can send formaldehyde into the air and nail products such as polish, polish remover, and hardener can all make the air smell bad from a long way away.  

If neighboring businesses complain, the effect of these fumes daily on lungs, eyes, throat and the overall well-being of those who encounter them every day is scary.

The short term effects of these chemicals is irritating and can include burning eyes, dry throat, a dry cough, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and a general feeling of apathy and lack of energy.  The long term effects are more serious.

Forced to deal with these chemicals, the body tries to eliminate them.  Eliminating these chemicals puts extra stress on the liver and lungs.  These are not 2 organs that you want stressed out!

The best way to assure that you breathe clean air daily is to use an air purifier to filter these chemicals from the air continuously.  And continuously is the key.  24-hour filtration means that the level of fumes is never allowed to build to an unhealthy level.

The Beauty Salon Air Purifier from use 15 pounds of enhanced carbon zeolite to remove the VOCs that cause salon air quality to become unhealthy.

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