Saturday, February 10, 2007

Austin Air's Newly Released Pet Machine Air Purifier

We do love our pets. We pamper them and spoil them, feeding them the best tidbits, buying them toys and even dressing them on occasion. Although they may be man's best friends, our pets are not always good friends to our bodies.

Pet dander is one of the most common allergens, and while you, your family or your guests suffer, your pets suffer too. No one wants to exclude beloved companions from friendly gatherings or banish them from the bedroom, but pet dander can make life miserable for allergy and asthma sufferers. You cannot eliminate dander from your pet's coat, but you can take control of the situation with air purifiers to control pet dander.

At Purer Air, we know you need a high-quality solution to pet problems. That is why we are proud to offer the newly released Austin Air Pet Machine!. If you're having trouble with pet dander, pet odors, or pet allergens the Austin Air Pet Machine with HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) and odor-eating mixture of zeolite, carbon, and ammonasorb is a perfect addition to your home. The Pet Machine is a brand new addition to the Austin Air product line as of February 9, 2007, and Purer Air is among the first to offer it!

The Pet Machine carries the same Five-year warranty, and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee that you've come to expect with all Austin Air HEPA air purifiers, and will clean 1500-square-feet, thus making it the perfect purifier to whisk away your pet dander, allergen, and odor problems. Purer Air ships it to you with Free Same-Day FedEx Shipping!

Call Purer Air at 800-997-2989, or Send E-mail to Customer Support for answers to other questions you may have.

Debbie Davis, President
Austin Air Pet Machine HEPA Air Purifier

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