Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pet Hair Air Purifier

Pet hair can become a huge issue if you live with a warm-blooded animal such as a dog, cat, bunny, or ferret. 

The very feature that makes them so cuddly and adorable can become a real problem unless you take steps to keep it under control.

Baths to remove excess hair, brushing, proper diet, and adhesive rollers are all great ways to minimize the amount you will deal with.  

But ultimately, the most efficient and consistent way to cut down on hair in the air is to use a filter that can effectively remove it.

Big pieces are easily removed by pre-filters that are relatively inexpensive.  They are made of a cotton ball-like fabric and should be placed as the first filters inside a unit.

And if you’re trying to remove particles of any kind, the unit must have a high efficiency particle arresting filter that can trap particles as small as .3 microns.

This is important because in addition to hair, warm-blooded pets shed dander constantly.  As annoying and unsightly as the hair can be, it is pet dander that is the allergen that often triggers allergy and asthma symptoms.

This type of filter doesn’t discriminate against other allergens and will remove things like dust, dust mites, and mold and mildew spores.

You can have the best combination of filters in the world, but if the cleaner can’t run 24 hours a day every day you have very little chance of really making the air better.

PurerAir.com offers a cleaner that has 2 pre-filters a HEPA filter as well as carbon cloth to give additional protection against particles and odor.

Get rid of the hair and other particles now with the Pet Dander Air Purifier from PurerAir.com at http://purerair.com/pet_dander_air_purifier.html

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