Saturday, November 17, 2007

Austin Air Pet Machine HEPA Air Purifier

No matter how much you love your pet, you don't always love the trouble that comes along with him. Pet hair and dander are among the most common allergens striking Americans today, and it doesn't matter how often you vacuum the dust or brush out the dog or cat. Even daily baths cannot always keep down the irritants from our precious friends.

To make matters worse, if you let him outside he gathers pollen and more dust. He comes home, shakes, and the whole trial starts over again. In the worst cases, you may have considered shaving all his hair off or even giving away that beloved member of the family, but there is a much better solution: the Austin Air Pet Machine HEPA Air Purifier.

HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particle Arresting, and HEPA air purifiers are excellent for removing airborne particles and gases as small as .3 microns. Austin's Pet Machine air purifier will suck away the dander from your bird, dog, ferret, or cat (to mention a few) along with pet odors, and any other allergens he may have picked up, leaving the air in your home clean and your eyes clear. Not only will you feel better, but with your new Pet Machine air purifier you may find that your best friend's health also improves.

It's quiet, powerful, portable, easy to use, and many are portable enough to move from room to room, or even to carry on vacation. They simply plug in--no assembly required (smile). The Pet Machine is safe around pets because it's made of steel, not plastic, with a baked on powder coat finish. This steel housing prevents out gassing from plastic housing or components that are so common in many other purifiers, and also prevents your pets from being able to break off small pieces of the purifier and chew or choke on them (particularly puppies).

So if a pet is mankind's best friend, the Austin Air Pet Machine HEPA purifier should be mankind's second best friend.

Please call Purer Air at 800-997-2989, or Send E-mail to Customer Support for answers to other questions you may have.

Debbie Davis, President of Purer Air

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

How Can I Tell If My Austin Air Filter Needs Changing?

Tis the season to close the windows! And with the change in weather and the closing of windows often comes a decline in indoor air quality in your home or office. Looking at the filter will not tell you if it needs changing. So here are 3 ways to tell if your Austin Air filter needs replacing?

1. If you smell a sour pungent vinegar odor, or any odor when it runs, this usually means the filter is full and you need to replace it.

2. If you notice reduced air flow to your purifier you need a replacement filter.

3. If you've been using your filter for longer than 5 years and air quality is poor-- i.e. you can see particles in your air when a lamp is on, or when the sunlight is streaming into your room; you should invest in a new filter. As the saying goes "If you can't breathe, nothing else matters".

If you own an older model purifier, and you're not sure which replacement filter you need, call us at (800) 997-2989 with the serial number from the back or the bottom of your purifier, and we'll make sure you get the correct filter for your purifier.

Click on the following link for the full line of Austin Air replacement HEPA air filters.

Call Purer Air at 800-997-2989, or Send E-mail to Customer Support for answers to other questions you may have.

Debbie Davis, President
Purer Air
(800) 997-2989

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