Monday, February 07, 2011

Brazilian Blowout Air Purifier

The new Brazilian Blowout has become the rage in many beauty salons. Women seem extremely pleased with the results. But some salons are requiring customers to wear professional gas masks, and are taking no chances on the health hazards it can cause.

The controversy continues to rage over whether there is any formaldehyde in the product. If there is, wearing a mask protects only those who are wearing it. What about the others in the salon?

Unless the room is sealed and has a separate air and ventilation system, the fumes from any procedure in that room will be carried into other parts of the salon. This makes other clients and staff subject to the fumes. And even if it just smells bad, it’s not a very pleasant atmosphere for a salon to have. offers a chemical air purifier that can remove formaldehyde (should there be any), ammonia, and other harmful chemicals that are often found in beauty products.

Designed to run 24 hours a day, it can remove harmful chemicals from your salon’s air whether you are there or not. This means fresh air while clients are there and fresh air when you walk in each morning.

There is no down side to clean air. See the Beauty Salon Air Purifier that can keep your air smelling fresh and clean regardless of the services you offer at

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