Monday, May 19, 2008

Austin Air HealthMate Plus Super Blend Air Purifier Product Reviews

The Austin Air HealthMate Plus Super Blend Air Purifier is the top of the line air purifier in the Austin Air product line. Here are HealthMate Plus product reviews from what I feel are the very best source—people who have bought them, and whose lives have improved because of it.

I bought an Austin HealthMate Plus one week after my daughter was born. My oldest daughter, who is 5, suffers from asthma, and was constantly getting sick at school. I was afraid that she would make my newborn daughter sick. My sister and older brother are both owners of the regular Austin HealthMate, and they can't stop talking about how it's changed their lives. So I went online and found this wonderful website with the Austin HealthMate Plus! I was thrilled and immediately ordered it. We have been using the machine for about 8 weeks now, and the difference is astonishing! My oldest daughter has not gotten sick despite being around sick kids at school. And my little one is doing great as well. My husband and I have noticed that we don't wake up with a sore throat or a stuffy nose anymore. And people who are sick and come to visit us don't leave their germs behind because the air purifier takes care of them! We made some changes in our home and had construction for about 5 days. The Austin HealthMate Plus worked so great that I didn't have to leave my home while they were doing the construction. My husband, our daughters, and I did not suffer one bit from the dust. It was amazing! I find the sound to be very soothing, and it not only helps me go to sleep faster, but it also makes my two daughters and my husband fall asleep too! We keep the air purifier on 24/7. I highly recommend the Austin HealthMate Plus to any allergy sufferer or asthma sufferer. It will dramatically improve your health! And if the air purifier wasn't amazing enough, the customer service of is just as amazing. After I ordered the air purifier, I immediately received an e-mail from the president of, notifying me of my order and shipment information. On top of that, I received a letter a couple of weeks later thanking me for my order and offering me support if I should encounter a problem with my machine. We are extremely happy with our machine. Thank you so much for all your help! Priscilla......... Florida

The HealthMate Plus is functioning very well, and I am impressed with it. I will be recommending Austin and Purer Air to friends and relatives. Thank you again for your excellent Customer service, response and follow-up regarding my purchase.
Jerome, satisfied customer..........Ontario

Just received my (2nd) Austin Air HealthMate Plus from you and it's just as great! Super fast shipping is wonderful. Great product and (Purer Air) great company. Thanks again. Jerome......Ontario

I was so pleased with the fast and competent service I received from Purer Air. I have also been really happy with how well the Austin Air HealthMate Plus, and HealthMate JR quietly clean and purify the air. Thanks, Purer Air, for great service and a great air filter. Barbara......California

The Austin Air HealthMate Plus Super Blend Air Purifier will make a difference in your quality of life too. Call our 24 hour customer support line now at (800) 997-2989 and try the Austin Air HealthMate Plus risk free for 30 days. Available in Sandstone, Black, White, or Silver--if it doesn’t help, send it back and get all of your money back! You have my word on it!

Debbie Davis, President
(800) 997-2989

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